skin toner

The use of skin toner as an essential part of every woman’s beauty routine is still debatable. Many believe that cold water is equally effective for tightening pores. Dermatologists believe otherwise, though, because they think that skin toner is actually beneficial and should be used after cleansing to optimise skin care routine. Toning is something that many people neglect because people do not understand its importance. It may be true that toning is not a primary essential, but it still can assist in getting best results possible.

skin toner can be really helping because as we begin to age the binding between the skin tissues starts losing its strength. This weakened binding is due to the significant decrease of collagen and elastin production, and as a result the skin starts becoming loose, baggy, completely un-toned, and out of form. The noticeable effects are the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all over its surface. It also loses moisture and becomes extremely dry. It could become worse because it is prone to microbial infections as well. Out of form skin condition is not always triggered by aging process, but can also be caused by other factors such as repetitive facial expressions, smoking, and even environmental factors like sun and wind.

Skin toner is not only restore and maintain the skin’s ph, but also acts as humectants that help bind moisture to the skin. It smooths the skin, and making it firm and elastic. It does that by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the body. There are some ingredients that should be part of skin toner and will work together in synergy to provide a complete skin care solution:

  • Cynergy TK: stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • Avocado oil: deep penetrating and a highly nutritional oil that provide moisturization, nourishment, smoothness and tightness to the skin
  • Phytessence wakame: protects against environmental factors and against damage to the skin; inhibits hyaluronic acid breakdown, preventing skin losing its smoothness and tones
  • Skin toner will help the effectiveness of daily skin care routine by controlling oil, stimulating good blood circulation, wiping out acne-inflicting bacteria, whilst at the same time offering antioxidant advantages. It can me skin looks healthier, clearer, and cleaner. And it surely contributes significantly to a glowing complexion.



Well for those of us who havent figured out all the different treatments on the market today, one you definitely need to know is Microdermabrasion. Amidst the relative abundance of miracle skin treatments available today, microdermabrasion has become a staple for those who like to take care of their skin, and give it a revver upper- simply because it works.

#Microdermabrasion machines essentually work as an electronic vacuum for the skin. First off, crystals are sent to the skins surface at a high speed. This exfoliates the skin, and then the machine vacuums away the used crystals along with the exfoliated skin. It removes the first layer of the dermis, and therefore gets rid of all the imperfections, acne, scarring and dead skin cells which are on that layer. The removal of a layer of skin also stimulates cellular turnover rate for you skin and increases collagen production, so your skin looks and feel healthier and younger. This is of course the simplified explanation.. but the results can range from clearer, brighter skin to actual reduction of acne and appearance of scars, redness and sunspots, etc.